Quality control is a large focus at Myriad Engineering and all products are thoroughly inspected by our employees before they are packaged for delivery. Below is a list of our inspection equipment used to ensure the high quality our services.

1 granite surface plate

5' x 5'

2 granite surface plates

24" x 36"

3 granite surface plates

18" x 24"

2 Granite Surface plates

12" x 18"

3 vernier height gauges

1 mitutoyo dial height gauge


1 Applied fiberoptics stereo lense microscope

1 complete set of plug gauges

Rangin from .010" to 1.00"

1 Mituyoto 81 pc. set gauge blocks

1 do all 81 pc. set gauge blocks

1 pratt & whitney 81 pc. set gauge blocks

Multiple sets of micrometers up to 24"

Micrometers of Various Specialties

Thread Mics, Depth Mics, Anvil Mics, Ect.

dial bore gauges

From 1" 10 12"


6" to 72"

And more...

Whatever your project, we have the capabilities

Accurate Estimates

Our experience enables us to quickly and accurately assess your fabrication and precision machining needs.


Our facilities allow us to handle prototypes, fixturing/tooling, electrical and mechanical assembly. We have machining, fabrication and welding capabilities of up to 15000 lbs. Myriad Engineering now has more capacity and grinding capabilities for larger Blanchard grinding and surfacing needs.  We can also provide many other services through our trading partners such as: plating, painting, heat treating, sand and grit blasting. 

Please feel free to browse below for more information on our facility and capabilities.